Allebes (Albitz) in Netherlands and Belgium

Robert & Martha Allebes-Buitrago Albitz/Allebes Di 19.02.2002
Dear Axel,
Just to update your list of family relatives;
I am listed in your list of "Niederlande" but as of August 1995 I am living in South America, Colombia, and my father BJB Allebes past away in august 1997, all the other details of my brothers and sisters are OK, only my sister L.C. van der Loo-Allebes, Koninginnelaan 49, 2281HB RIJSWIJK ZH, 070/3992077 is missing.
My address is Diagonal 117 N° 33-55 BOGOTA COLOMBIA 57/1/2153125 so I am not living in Zoetermeer anymore.
I liked the site very much and whenever I can contribute I'll be glad to,
Robert P. Allebes

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Name Address City ZipCode Phone
Allebes R M POLOSTR 5 ALKMAAR 1827PR 072/5616569
Allebes G HHAFKENSCHEIDTLN 34 DE ZILK 2191BP 0252/524695
Allebes J J MEEUWENSTR 93 HAARLEM 2025ZB 023/5375812
Allebes E A LN V OSNABRUCK 31 HAARLEM 2034TA 023/5333892
Allebes P R PR HENDRIKLN 36 LEIDSCHENDAM 2264SW 070/3270337
Allebes G H DOMPVLOEDSLN 1OVERVEEN2051NA023/5277031
Allebes B J B PENNINGLN 40 RYSWYK ZH 2281BZ 070/3952458
Allebes W A EFFEREN 610 UDEN 5403XP 0413/265301
Meltvoort-Allebes F J H J van HERMELYNWEIDE 42 VEGHEL 5467KZ 0413/342236
Allebes W ABLAUWE HOF 4403WYCHEN 6602ZR024/6413700
Allebes G H ZR D BRONDERSSTR 7 ZANDVOORT 2042ED 023/5712959
Allebes C A OOSTERPARKSTR 79 ZANDVOORT 2042AR 023/5716992
Allebes E H REINWARDTSTR 25 ZANDVOORT 2041VC 023/5713833
Allebes A A B ZANDVOORTSELN 3 ZANDVOORT2042XD023/5715554
Allebes R P PYLKRUIDVAART 45 ZOETERMEER 2724VD 079/3424700
Name Address ZipCode City Phone
EIJGENDAAL/R - ALLEBES/GRETA Hontseindestraat(STM), 27 9981 Sint-Laureins 09/379.90.51

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